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Hey I’m Benita

I help mothers transform and thrive globally.

For as long as I can remember, my mission has been to help busy mothers​ connect with self and create a life in which they thrive - to build them up when they feel like they’ve lost their direction, help them embrace all of their possibilities, and cast away any fears when they’ve perpetuated a lesser sense of self.

My vision has, and always will be, to help mothers globally to thrive.

Whether that’s helping women grow in the home, create clarity and confidence in their career, or set personal goals that align with them becoming the best version of themselves - that is what I do on a daily basis with beautiful souls across the country.

How did I get here, you say?

Where did all of this will-to-empower come from?

Well today, I work with women as a mother of four, wife, coach, successful business owner, nationally-acclaimed speaker, Motherhood Practitioner, and farmer of beautiful cropping land in southern Queensland, Australia.

However, my life wasn’t always so shiny.

Soon after I was married, my husband Adam and I worked through a brutal, heart wrenching period of infertility, pregnancy loss, and trying to conceive.

Throughout this difficult, raw time in my life, I documented all of my experiences – the intimate, the painful, and then – the light at the end of the tunnel.

After we had our four beautiful children, I was often told that

I was the ‘Super Mum’

that I could manage it all when in fact I felt quite the opposite.

In October 2018, I had reached my breaking point - I was in complete, dark, black-hole overwhelm. I was so paralysed with anxiety and fear that I didn’t know what to do next. My internal chaotic state was excruciating.
It had been a long, slow build up - and then, one long, busy harvest set off the trigger.

I knew that I had lost myself along the way on the motherhood journey. When I put it down on paper, I was angry, anxious, detached, frustrated, guilty – and

I had to peel back the layers and feel the rawness – the aching, painful overwhelm of it all. What terrified me the most was that I had gotten so far down in my black hole of obligation that I had forgotten to be present and enjoy life with my family – and I didn’t want to miss anything, ever.

So, I asked for help.

I exposed my layers, crawled out of my black hole, and, quite simply - found joy.

Now, I have calm among the chaos (mostly!).

From these experiences, my passion path has been lit. I never, ever want any woman to feel alone or unsupported on her motherhood journey - regardless of her situation.

The Art of Trying

Firstly, on my motherhood career path, I published The Art of Trying, my personal account of infertility, pregnancy loss, endometriosis and the struggle of trying to conceive. This collection of my journal entries, photos, experiences and anecdotes connected women the world over, and received Amazon Bestseller Status.

Illuminate Coaching

When I put it down on paper, I discovered layers upon layers of frustration, indecisiveness, self-sabotage, pleasing others, loss of identity, guilt, fear – the list goes on.

I was a far cry from who I am today.

So, I made a decision. I chose resilience.

Through much resistance, trusting my inner guide in the face of fear, many trials, and a lot of nurturing, I eventually arrived at the creation of this – the Illuminate Coaching Program.

I am focused on creating a community of thriving women who are ready to develop their own true strength and possibilities - tailored to you, my friend - because every single woman deserves to live to her highest potential.

The Art of Trying Chapter 1

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