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Benita is so warm, welcoming, knowledgeable...

Being a Mum is harder work then I ever thought. This course has helped give me direction to make changes that I knew needed to be made within myself, but I didn’t know how to make them. It focusses on a shift within yourself rather then a bandaid solution. Learning a new approach and being given realistic tasks each week to complete (that are achievable on top of the hectiness of Mum life) has resulted in each week feeling like I am growing a little more, feeling a little lighter and becoming a better Mum. Benita is so warm, welcoming, knowledgable and easy to listen to. The course is well thought out, enjoyable and realistic for Mums!


You have brought to my attention that there is another way...

Benita can I just say a heartfelt thank you for pursuing your desires and creating Illuminate. When I started I was feeling pretty awful. You have brought to my attention that there is another way and now I want it all yesterday. You have allowed me to give myself permission to take care of myself and to put myself first so that I can be better for all those in my world. I am beginning to understand that it is okay to express what I need and that it is okay to tap out and hand the reins to others when I seriously need a recharge.


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