Ways to instantly raise your vibration (feel good)

In need of a lift? Here are 10 vibration-raising (i.e. help you feel better) ideas that work every time for me! Put on some music and dance! We have a ‘pump-up song’ in this house – ‘Levels’ by Avicii – that gets put on when an energy shift is needed! From flat to fantastic in […]

Why Everyone Should Experience What It’s Like To Be Coached

I think everyone should have a coach, but you would expect me to say that wouldn’t you, when I am one! Over the years I have invested in multiple and extended periods of coaching – with a life coach, business coaches, an intuitive coach and a mindset/success coach. And with each of them I’ve had […]

5 Mindset Tips for Entrepreneurial Mums (and Everyone!)

Earlier this week I hosted a webinar about Mindset for Entrepreneurial Mums and on it shared many insights, tips and strategies that me and my clients use to thrive in the beautiful blend of motherhood and CEO life. Here are five of my tips from that call:   1. Stay in a growth mindset. In […]

Not Now Doesn’t Mean Not Ever

I’ve had an awakening in the past few weeks. It’s been an uncomfortable one; an unease rippling under my skin as it slowly revealed itself. Since I started back to paid work in my coaching business about 12 months ago I have been revelling in it, soaking it up, wanting more and more, thinking: yep […]

5 tips to embrace the School Holidays with little people at home

Are you counting down the days until the school holidays start? Or approaching the holidays with a mixture of emotions, like: excitement, relief, maybe a little bit of dread? Because although you love your kids and enjoy spending time with them, let’s be honest – it can be hard work having them at home all […]

My new book School Holidays MINDSHIFT

Dear Mums of little people, Does this sound like you? You love your kids more than anything but you also love it when you don’t have to do the 24/7 caring and entertaining for weeks on end. You love the concept of the school holidays but chaos sets in, then the overwhelm, and the reality […]