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It’s Okay To Want More + Find Help To Explore It

Do you ever feel like there’s something more meant for you but you don’t know what it is? You feel like you should have more, be more and do more, but don’t know what or how? Or you DO know what change you want to make but you’re too scared to take the step.

I have. I have been so stuck at times in the past. Like the inwardly-dying kind of stuck, particularly at the end of 2018 with four children aged four and under. I had everything I ever wanted and had been through so much to get there, yet still didn’t feel satisfied. I felt guilty about that so I kept ignoring the feeling. I was also ignoring a lot of other thoughts and feelings, until it eventually caught up with me. I hit the wall big time and found myself virtually unable to function.

I was anxious, stale, angry, resentful, frustrated, confused, lacking in self-confidence and identity, all coated with a nice layer of sleep deprivation. I felt completely lost.

I had developed bad habits and negative thought programs that caused me undue stress day after day, and I would repeat them day after day. I was so pent up and going around in circles trying to get things done but getting nowhere. I had gotten so far down a black hole full of looking after children and to-do lists that I had forgotten what it was like to actually be present and truly experience and enjoy life. Worst of all I could see the state I was in was starting to impact on our boys, and that broke me.

How had I gotten to that point? Because I had been in survival mode for three years. I had been looking after everyone else but not myself, going through the daily motions and not utilising any of my gifts that light me up. I now understand that if you’re not growing you’re dying. And there is only so much you can give until you’ve got nothing left to give… to you, or to anyone.

It was a really rough time but I’m grateful for it now because it was the catalyst for me to make a choice that has literally changed my life. I knew that a little bit of self-care was not going to get me out of the hole I was in; I needed major change at the root cause: in the programming of my mind. So I made the decision to re-invest in coaching.

I‘d been a coach myself since 2013, and been coached before, but at that point I hadn’t invested a cent in my growth or development in a long time and I’d become someone I didn’t particularly like.

Naturally I’m an advocate for coaching because I am one. It would take another whole post to list the benefits of coaching. It has made a phenomenal difference in all areas of my life: in relationships, decision-making, health, mothering, businesses, leadership, finances, personal fulfilment, pursuit of my goals, and more. I continue to invest heavily in coaching and mentoring.

Anyway, that’s enough about me. I wanted to share my story so that you know my ‘why’ comes from a place of experience, and a deep desire that others don’t struggle alone.

Whatever it is that you desire – it is possible for you! You have it all within. You just need the right tools and support. And coaching is one avenue to access those tools and support.

I love coaching mothers to give to them when they are giving so much to everyone else; to reconnect them with their magnificence; to help them harness the power of their mind, body and spirit and support them to move forward.

It’s my heart’s calling and I experience the impact of being a coach, and being coached, daily. Working with a coach is investing in you, which you should, because you are the most valuable asset in your life! When you work with a coach you also invest in a partnership with someone who holds a greater vision for you than you hold for yourself. A sounding board, a mentor and teacher and someone who holds the space for you to grow and step into more of who you really are. 

If you want more and you’re waiting for permission to find it, here it is – I’m giving it to you! Every day is too precious to ignore yukky feelings and stay in a place of stuckness and wondering what that ‘more’ could look like for you. You will be amazed at what you uncover when you start to open up and reconnect with who you really are beneath the piles of laundry.

With love,

Benita x

PS – For the first time since 2014 I am offering private 1:1 coaching calls via Zoom, on a one-off or regular basis. Find out more about my 1:1 clarity coaching calls here.

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