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Now Is Always The Best Time To Celebrate!

It’s time to celebrate you! Regardless of where you’re at on this journey of life, there’s no time like right now to celebrate how far you’ve come and the unique, extraordinary person that you are today. 

Too often we are so busy, focused on the to-do list, pushing, striving for more, taking care of everything and everyone, and we forget to celebrate ourselves. Unfortunately it also seems to be ingrained in our culture to play down our achievements and not share them freely for fear of judgement or appearing like a show-off. Typical Aussie statements like “oh yeah that went alright” or “we didn’t do too badly” come to mind. 

Well I say that’s enough of that. It’s midway through 2022 and the perfect opportunity to pause, reflect and celebrate! Pour yourself your favourite drink and take five minutes to reflect on your wins – no matter how big or small. Put on some good music and get them all down on paper.

You can use these prompts to support you :

  1. What I’m grateful for
  2. What I’m most proud of
  3. My wins so far in 2022

Now for the celebration! Do a happy dance (perhaps not while holding your favourite drink), shout yourself lunch, write yourself a congratulatory note, or do whatever you’d like… just be sure to do something to truly acknowledge and honour yourself.

 Then it’s time to share the celebration. Go ahead and celebrate with your family, friends, your staff, your customers, stakeholders or followers. Write an email, pick up the phone, throw a party, tweet, post, blog, or whatever you’re comfortable with. Share a win to your Instagram stories and tag me @benitabensch so I can celebrate with you!

 It’s a big week of celebration for Team BB this week! We’re celebrating:

  • Getting together in person for the very first time! Our team is converging on Melbourne this weekend for fun, dreaming, strategising and planning to review and celebrate 2022 so far and map out what’s next! I can’t wait to meet our Queen of Operations, Jenna, ‘for real life’ after working together virtually for almost two years.
  • My 41st Birthday!
  • Our free 3-day Mid-Year Reset Challenge kicking off on Saturday 25th June.
  • The June birthday month special offer still running on my Illuminate Coaching Program. Until 5pm 30th June take advantage of an extended 8 month payment plan, $200 discount AND free ticket to my next online Thrive workshop about work-life blend (valued at $155).
  • Being a finalist in the Australian Rural Business Awards Positive Impact (Making A Difference) category. Woohoo! We were nominated for three award categories but this is the one that meant the most and that we submitted an application for. We’ll find out on Friday night if we’re a winner!  

The #AusRuralBizAwards has reminded me that while self-celebration is important, so is celebrating others. Take the time to tell someone when they do a good job, congratulate them on their successes or better still, go ahead and nominate them for an award. It feels so good! 

Celebrating our own success is one thing; having someone else start the celebration is another. Being celebrated is like a shot in the arm to reignite that inner spark we need to keep us going and remind us why we do what we do. After all, we are all human and have a desire to be valued. 

Celebrate yourself and also take the time to celebrate others – I’m giving you permission!

 “Your playing small does not serve the world… as we let our light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.” – Nelson Mandela


My Illuminate coaching program is a safe space for you in motherhood. If you are feeling lost and ready to find your spark again, it is the space for you. Over 12 weeks we walk together from stuck to shining and you become part of a space where you are always seen and held. You can enrol with me anytime. You are worthy! Visit

Helping mums find their spark again is truly one of the greatest things about my job as a motherhood coach.

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