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Why Everyone Should Experience What It’s Like To Be Coached

I think everyone should have a coach, but you would expect me to say that wouldn’t you, when I am one!

Over the years I have invested in multiple and extended periods of coaching – with a life coach, business coaches, an intuitive coach and a mindset/success coach. And with each of them I’ve had clear breakthroughs, because they’ve seen my blindspots, called me out or inspired a greater vision.

I distinctly recall life-changing conversations such as with my first coach, Deb, calling out how frequently I used ‘hard’ and ‘work’ language and what that said about my beliefs and value system. Being supported by a coach is incredibly powerful, and I think it was at this point my inner guide started to whisper quietly to me about becoming a coach. Not surprisingly, it took another coach many years later to help me trust my inner guide and actually act on the impulse! I’m so glad I did.

I’ve been a coach since 2013 and have truly loved my privileged work with micro business owners, individuals, couples, teams and farm business owners. But through Illuminate I’ve chosen to work specifically with mothers. To give to them when they are giving so much to everyone else; to reconnect them with their magnificence; to help them harness the power of their mind and support them to move forward – in the same way an amazing coach did with me three years ago when I felt completely lost.

It’s my heart’s calling and I experience the impact of being a coach, and being coached, daily.

Working with a coach is investing in you, which you should, because you are the most valuable asset in your life! When you work with a coach you also invest in a partnership with someone who holds a greater vision for you than you hold for yourself. A sounding board, a mentor and teacher and someone who holds the space for you to grow and step into more of who you really are. 

It’s important to find a coach that’s a fit for you, and you should allow your inner guide to do the talking on that.

Take advantage of complimentary discovery calls that many coaches offer and feel your way into whether he or she is the right fit for you. It’s a co-creative relationship and when the fit is right you will create magic together.

Illuminate, is an intimate coaching experience to reconnect you with your inner self, discover what’s holding you back from your goals and desires, and take the lead moving forward with confidence.

I will walk with you through 12 weeks, guiding you through a discovery process into yourself, tapping into your worth not only as a mother, but as a whole person.

Find out more about Illuminate here.

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