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Illuminate Case Studies – Jacqui Doyle

Jacqui was working in a part time role, balancing motherhood and busy family life when she joined Illuminate. In amongst all of the busyness, she was struggling to find her sense of self and her bigger purpose. 

And while being a mum was really important to Jacqui, she was grappling with something a lot of mums find themselves asking, how do I stay focused on my child while trying to find myself?

Jacqui shared, “I felt like I’d lost myself to motherhood. I needed direction but didn’t know what I wanted to do or how to do it. I really just wanted to feel more like myself again. 

Working through the lessons inside Illuminate and using the action planner to guide her, Jacqui was able to set goals and work towards them in a structured way with enough time in between so it didn’t feel overwhelming.

The fortnightly calls provided opportunities to discuss her struggles or things that came up in a comfortable and supportive environment. We worked on finding gratitude in the big and small things and learning how to shift negative thoughts and find new and better ones. 

Jacqui now works full time and feels a much greater sense of purpose and peace. Motherhood still has its ups and downs but she has the tools and the self awareness to realise her thoughts aren’t who she is, they are just thoughts and they can be changed. 


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