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Illuminate Client Spotlight – Renee Lucas

After the birth of her second child, Renee found herself struggling to adjust to motherhood. She’d also recently lost her beloved father, and had moved house, everything felt overwhelming to say the least. 

Being a mum was wearing her down, and that was coming through in frustration and shortness with her kids. Everything felt like a battle. 

Stuck in cycles of emotional outbursts followed by mum guilt and constant negative self-talk, Renee knew she needed something to change and fast.

Jumping into a group coaching program like Illuminate was new for Renee and it took some convincing to say yes to herself, but she knew it was time to prioritise herself so she took a chance and signed up. 

Being in a community of women she didn’t know brought anxiety and felt very vulnerable but she was given a warm welcome and soon felt safe and comfortable to share, support and learn with the group.  

Illuminate gave her time to focus on herself and the fortnightly calls, tools and lessons were the catalyst to realise that it was ok to do so.

After years of negative self-talk and big emotions, Renee can now let herself feel her feelings and move on quickly. She has the tools to stop the negative self-talk in its tracks so she can keep moving forward and learn from the challenges that come up.

“I’m calmer. I can approach things without leaping to frustration and conflict and know how to bring myself back from dwelling on the negatives.”

I use what I’ve learnt on a daily basis and it’s made such a difference. The two biggest shifts that happened for me were that my head is so much quieter now and I am much calmer with my kids. We have better communication and talk more openly, without as much conflict. 

Helping mums find their spark again is truly one of the greatest things about my job as a motherhood coach.

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