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ME + MOTHERHOOD is a fortnightly podcast rich with meaningful, inspiring and practical conversations for all mothers who want to reclaim ME in motherhood.

This podcast is for you if you are ready to return to yourself through self-exploration, find your spark again in motherhood and give yourself permission to be happier and healthier. Join podcast host Benita Bensch and other special guests to delve deeper into the mother in motherhood, because she who does the holding needs to be held.

There’s no instruction manual for motherhood. I sometimes wish there was but also wonder: would I read it, or toss it to the side like

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Do you sometimes avoid making decisions? Are you unclear about how to make decisions or take action that aligns with what feels right for you

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I often hear from mothers who come to me for coaching: ‘I don’t know who I am anymore.’ I totally get it because I have

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We all know that self care is important and that we should be focusing on it. But what is self care really? And the even

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Welcome to Season 1 of the ME + MOTHERHOOD podcast! This episode is all about the backstory to ME + MOTHERHOOD because, well, who doesn’t

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Meet Your Host

My name is Benita Bensch — I’m a mother of four, wife, coach, author, and Australian farmer.

I have been named in the Top 100 Women in Australian Agribusiness, and an Amazon bestselling author.

I have stood alongside powerful business people while guest speaking at regional, state and national events, which has given me plenty of joy.

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