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3 ways to Boost your Creativity

I grew up believing that I wasn’t creative because I wasn’t good at art (and I haven’t done craft since I was about 10).

I was good at school work, I was not the creative one. I held onto that belief for 37 years. I honestly did. And shit it’s a stifling belief.

No one ever told me (or maybe they did and I didn’t listen!) that being creative simply means using your imagination or original ideas to create something. To create something… anything!

Want to know a little secret?

We are all creative beings, all of the time.

We are constantly creating from the energy of our thoughts every single day. You are creative! We all are. Please tell your children that they are creative!

I have always loved to write but I didn’t think of it as creative because I write non-fiction. That’s until two years ago when I 100% committed to writing my book and the creative spirit I’d been suppressing came bursting out of me and flowed positively into all areas of my life, and to those around me. Writing has got me through some very tough times in my life, and also brought me back to my best self. It brings me so much joy. 

Here are my three tips on how you can boost your creativity: 

1. Start telling yourself that you are creative.

Write it down in your journal, speak it out loud and tell others in conversations. By saying it each day you are implementing the new belief that you are creative. 

2. Know that you have gifts that are completely unique to you.

Don’t suppress them… let them shine! Discover new ways that you can express yourself through creativity. Try new things, something that you’ve always wanted to try but kept putting on the back burner. Let all thoughts go and allow yourself time to really express yourself. 

3. Have fun!

Involve the kids in the project, let go of all expectations and enjoy the moment. 


What do you love to create? What lights you up? Post a comment – I really want to know.

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