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Not Now Doesn’t Mean Not Ever

I’ve had an awakening in the past few weeks. It’s been an uncomfortable one; an unease rippling under my skin as it slowly revealed itself.

Since I started back to paid work in my coaching business about 12 months ago I have been revelling in it, soaking it up, wanting more and more, thinking: yep I’ll do that, and I’ll do that, and yes I could do that! I love the thrill of personal growth, building a business and seizing new opportunities. It’s been really exciting and I’d missed it so much! It’s felt so good to return to my talents and abilities after five years away from coaching while our babes were tiny.

However, what I’ve learned recently is that I don’t want to push so hard, nor do I need to. A recent family holiday and the realisation that my last baby is only home for one more year before starting school, have reminded me to slow down and that I don’t have to action everything right now. That project I want to undertake, podcast I want to start, new product I want to create and launch, next book I want to write… don’t all have to happen right now. There is plenty of time and in fact, it’s so much smarter to simplify, focus and play the long game.

I’ve turned down a few opportunities, given myself permission to push things back to 2022, and am allowing myself to feel when the time is right rather than completely operating from my head and putting deadlines on everything. This is definitely new learning for me and I find it challenging to do! My natural tendency has always been to do more, and better, and to push through.

What I’m learning is that saying ‘not now’ isn’t saying ‘not ever’. It’s not hard and fast. Saying no for now is saying yes to something else, like me, my family, and all of the amazing stuff already underway in my life.

Perhaps you can relate. Is there anything you need to say ‘not now’ to?

With love,

Benita x

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