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Ways to instantly raise your vibration (feel good)

In need of a lift?

Here are 10 vibration-raising (i.e. help you feel better) ideas that work every time for me!

  1. Put on some music and dance! We have a ‘pump-up song’ in this house – ‘Levels’ by Avicii – that
    gets put on when an energy shift is needed! From flat to fantastic in 4 minutes, guaranteed.2. Get into nature. Walk in the sunshine. Get some fresh air. Nature provides harmonic frequencies
    that are compatible with our personal frequencies.3. Move your body. Walk, jog, dance, jump up and down, do some squats, anything!4. Take a shower. Wash away stress and raise your vibration.

    5. Declutter a space. Keep only what brings you joy.

    6. Say something nice to someone. Or smile at a stranger. Or perform a random act of kindness.
    So powerful – for you, and them.

    7. Laugh! With yourself, at yourself, with the kids. Ask the kids to tell you a joke, or tell them a funny story from when you were a kid – they love that.

    8. Repeat affirmations. You could start with ‘I am strong’ or ‘I am calm’ or ‘I am healthy.’

    9. Set a positive intention for what’s coming next in your day. Say ‘thank you’ for the positive
    outcome in advance and welcome it with an open heart.

    10. Change something, e.g. Your clothes, where you’re sitting, call someone, put on a piece of
    jewellery you love, find a special mug for your cuppa, something. Anything that feels good!

There is much more to feeling good than meets the eye, because your inner world creates your outer world.

Through The Law of Attraction, like attracts like. So when your thoughts and feelings are in a higher vibration (more positive) state, you will attract more of them in the same higher vibration. This sets you into an upward spiral and you are more aligned with the wellbeing which is at the centre of who you really are.


In plain terms, we all know that having an energy shift and feeling better is better for everything: for how we go about our day and how much we enjoy it, the energy we project to our families and anyone around us, how effective we are, and the results we achieve. It’s not always easy but reaching for better feeling thoughts, and changing your state using the above strategies is a great step in the right direction to feeling better!


Make how you feel the highest priority in your day and remember that you have the ability to shift your vibration at any moment when you reach for a better feeling.

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