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5 Mindset Tips for Entrepreneurial Mums (and Everyone!)

Earlier this week I hosted a webinar about Mindset for Entrepreneurial Mums and on it shared many insights, tips and strategies that me and my clients use to thrive in the beautiful blend of motherhood and CEO life. Here are five of my tips from that call:


1. Stay in a growth mindset.

In her book ‘Mindset: The Psychology of Success’ Carol Dweck Phd says that in a growth mindset you believe that whatever intelligence and abilities you’re born with are just the start. People in a growth mindset crave challenges, welcome constructive criticism, view setbacks as learning opportunities, and develop a passion for hard work and a hunger for growth. They know that getting better is a process. One that requires the right attitude and dedication over time. 

Does this sound like you?


2. Focus on abundance.

Believe that everything is always working out for you and know that there is always enough – for you, and everyone. Foster an attitude of collaboration over competition. Know that the Universe is an abundant place, you are abundant, and strive to make your decisions from a place of abundance instead of lack or fear.


3. Start with your beliefs.

Your beliefs are ruling your life. Everything is what you believe it to be. Whether anything is hard, easy, good, bad, an opportunity or challenge, is all a matter of your beliefs. And the stories we tell and retell ourselves are built on the foundations of our beliefs. Get honest with yourself about your beliefs – the empowering ones, and the limiting ones.

4. You are not your thoughts.

Thoughts are just words; they are not you. You can choose to accept helpful/positive thoughts and reject unhelpful/negative thoughts. Although this is simple, it’s not easy. It takes persistence to change the way you handle unhelpful thoughts, but you can! Choose the good ones, because thoughts become things.

5. Be deliberate.

Start to become deliberate in everything you do, because remember: what we focus on, we move towards. Be deliberate with your goals, your beliefs, attitude, your intentions, and choosing to feel good! Become a deliberate creator of your life! You are always creating, whether you know it or not, so ensure you are focusing your energy on what you want and not what you don’t.

How would it feel to shine a light on you and into you, helping you to identify and change the stories you tell yourself, to make better decisions, to give yourself permission so that you can clearly see your way forward? Because you deserve nothing less.

I’m excited to let you know that enrolments are NOW OPEN for the next round of Illuminate – my 12 week transformational coaching program for mothers. We start together on Monday 13th September.

You’re worthy of this, and you can do it! Book your spot for the program here and join me in a journey to shining a light back on you.

With love,

Benita x

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