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My top 3 for Conscious Consuming at this Time of Year (and I’m not talking about wine)

During the past week I’ve listened to several podcasts in which the word ‘consuming’ jumped out at me. And it really got me thinking about what I’m consuming. What about you… what are you consuming…

For your mind?
For your body?
For your soul?

Another way of thinking about consuming is: what are you allowing in and absorbing?

Because what we let in matters, and we’re more easily influenced when we’re lacking in energy. When we’re depleted we find it harder to fend off negative thoughts and make good decisions that serve us well as a whole human being. We go into autopilot mode and sometimes the old habits we revert back to aren’t helpful (e.g. poor food choices, drinking more, spiralling thoughts).

Overwhelm is so common at this time of year and off the back of the stressful year (two actually) that it’s been, I’m noticing so much fatigue and a real sense of ‘leave me alone; I just need to survive until the end of the year!’ So what you’re consuming right now in survival mode may be eating you up in more ways than you realise.

Here are my 3 top tips for conscious consuming right now in a way that serves you well!


For your mind:

Choose a positive affirmation that’s just for you and repeat it all the time. Put it everywhere so you remember to read it, say it, write it, and more importantly feel it. This is a positive empowering statement that has special meaning just for you, relevant to what you need right now in this season and stage of life. For example: 

‘I am calm and in control’

‘I am feeling better everyday’

‘Everything is always working out for me’

‘I am safe, I am strong’

‘I honour myself and what serves me, and let go of what doesn’t’

For your body

Move! Anywhere, any-ol-way, any-ol-how. It doesn’t have to be a 30 minute run or a trip to the gym! My favourite for a no-pressure, no-technique, in-the-house energy booster and burst of exercise is to put some music on and dance – with or without the kids! It’s so good for us on many levels. 

For your soul

Protect your energy and reserve it for who and what is most important, remembering #1 is you! Become really aware of the people and things that feel good for you (fill your cup), and protect your energy from those that don’t. I’m not suggesting you completely hide away (or you can if you want to!), more so deliberately pause to choose for yourself what’s right and good for you. 

Do you really want to go to that Christmas party you ‘should’ go to when you’re already exhausted? Will you allow yourself to be consumed by a conversation, or time on your phone, that leaves you feeling less than? Imagine an energetic forcefield around you and be protective of what comes in and goes out! Keep focused on what feels good for you and take your attention off what doesn’t. It’s important to be choosy – your energy is a precious asset!


Take stock of where you’re at, what you need support with, and create step-by-step strategies to thrive (not just survive!) through the December-January period at the Recalibrate workshop. The workshop is on the 23rd November from 9am – 11am AEST and I’d love to see you there.

Find out more about the Recalibrate workshop here


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