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Have you ever felt like you’ve lost your spark in motherhood? What I mean by this is when you feel flat, like you’re going through the daily motions of life, lacking in meaning and purpose. It feels like there’s a bucket over your inner light and it’s barely flickering. You may feel this way when:

When you feel like you’ve lost your spark you might feel downright awful, confused, lost, lacking in confidence, or maybe just have a feeling that you need to tweak something.

In this episode I explore three strategies you can use right away to help find your spark again. They are:

  1. Ask the hard questions
  2. Reconnect with your gifts
  3. Find the courage to take a step

I hope what I share ignites something within you to help you find your spark again. And of course, this is the work I specialise in and am here to support you with, through my Illuminate Group Coaching Program and GLOW Membership.

Be kind to yourself as you listen to this. If this, or any, ME + MOTHERHOOD podcast episode ‘triggers you’ or raise issues for you, I urge you to reach out and speak to a professional on any one of these related support lines: 

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