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Mothers Group was a lifeline for me as a new Mum. It was a highlight of my week, providing sanity-saving adult connection, a reason to leave the house (even when it was hard!), valuable support and information. The bonds we formed in that Mothers Group have lasted for years.

On the day of recording this episode I had visited the same Mothers Group service, in the same room, 9 years on from my own time there. I was a guest, there to discuss matrescence, identity shift, mental health, self care, and the power of your words. It’s a true privilege and something I love doing.

This episode reveals 6 lessons I learned from Mothers Group that morning, as well as my perspective and suggestions on each one.

Those lessons are:

  1. Our opinions and comments to expecting and new Mums have a big impact.
  2. Mum guilt is still a major thing.
  3. Courageously opening up about challenges, depression and anxiety helps everyone.
  4. The ‘who is this new version of me?’ feeling is real, and strong.
  5. What we think and say to ourselves most often really matters!
  6. Mum shaming happens and it’s not okay!

These are important lessons we all need to pay attention to in order to move forward as a Society that sees, hears, and supports mothers in a better way. Let’s all play our part in new and different conversations.


Be kind to yourself as you listen to this. If this, or any, ME + MOTHERHOOD podcast episode ‘triggers you’ or raise issues for you, I urge you to reach out and speak to a professional on any one of these related support lines:

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