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Managing Your Mind When Sickness Invades Your Home

Being a mum is amazing, but let’s be honest, it’s also very hard work! And when sickness hits your house, it can feel like everything explodes into chaos. I know for me personally, I find not only my physical health deteriorates if I’m unwell, but my mental health really takes a dive.

So I thought it may be helpful to share some strategies that I have to help improve your mindset when those germs come knocking.

What I’ve found to be powerful: shift your focus. Our thoughts are powerful things. Instead of stewing about how ill you feel, find some gratitude. Maybe you’re grateful your kids are finally sleeping through the night (even if it’s because they’re knocked out by a cold). Think positive thoughts! Imagine yourself getting healthier with every sunrise.

Feeling like you’re gonna lose it?

Take a deep breath! Deep breathing is amazing for calming your nerves and reminding you that this too shall pass. You’re not in any immediate threat and you are safe. Getting some sunshine and fresh air works wonders too.

Need a little mood boost?

Turn on some happy music, listen to a guided meditation, or find some funny videos online. Anything that makes you smile is a win.

The bottom line is this: you’re not alone. Every mum faces these battles. By using these simple tips, you can weather the storm of sickness and come out the other side feeling calmer and more positive.

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