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Sunny Roberts is deeply passionate about helping women return to their feminine energy. Born and raised in Germany and working in a corporate career she spent her 20s operating in masculine push mode and burnt out at 28 which led her to become a yoga and mindfulness teacher.

Becoming a mum of two boys she found herself struggling in her own marriage of 7 years and was ready to give up when she discovered that embracing her feminine energy was the key to lasting connection and love in her relationship.

Today she is on a mission to help other women have the same awakening. Sunny deeply believes that every woman deserves to feel loved and cherished in her relationship. What separates Sunny from others in this space is that she actually lives what she talks about.

In this episode we cover:

This is a beautiful conversation focused around the stages of relationships and challenges faced by parents and how you can navigate through these seasons.

I know you will love getting to know Sunny and our conversation.

Benita x

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