School Holidays MINDSHIFT eBook


The School Holidays MINDSHIFT E-Book: Poo-and-all stories from 30 days of the Christmas school holidays with four children five-and-under, during the worst drought in living memory. Written to help Mums shift from overwhelm to find happiness and calm in the chaos.

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School Holidays MINDSHIFT is for the Mums who love their kids and the good bits of the school holidays, BUT don’t quite love the non-stop bedlam that comes with having young children home from school/kindy/preschool/care for weeks.

This 50-page beautifully designed eBook is loaded with:

  • Real, relatable, funny poo-and-all stories and photographs of life in the Bensch household during 30 days of the 2019 School holidays (when the children were aged 5, 3, 3, and 1).
  • A gorgeous affirmation printable to stick on your fridge and use over the holidays.
  • Daily wins, fails, and sanity-saving tips.
  • Mindset strategies and habits to support you to move through the holidays with ease.
  • A worksheet to create your own School holidays MINDSHIFT.
  • Decluttering advice.
  • “Oh thank goodness it’s not just me” comfort.

From our home to yours, my wish is that it will help many Mums to find calm in the chaos of the school holidays… and have a laugh in the meantime!