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School Holidays MINDSHIFT eBook


The School Holidays MINDSHIFT E-Book: Poo-and-all stories from 30 days of the Christmas school holidays with four children five-and-under, during the worst drought in living memory. Written to help Mums shift from overwhelm to find happiness and calm in the chaos.

Additional Information

Would you like to cut through the noise and chaos of school holidays and have access to easy, done-for-you strategies that make creating memories with your kids a breeze? Dive into Benita Bensch’s 50-page School Holidays MINDSHIFT eBook, which helps turn overwhelmed mums into calm, organised, productive parents with happy little kids in the home!

eBook includes:
  • Strategies to shift the parent overwhelm for 30 days
  • Daily mental wellbeing strategies
  • Sanity-saving holiday activities
  • A worksheet to create your own School Holidays MINDSHIFT
  • Real life stories of Benita’s family school holidays (the good, the hilarious, the bad, & the ugly!)
  • A printable affirmation to use throughout the holidays

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