Warrior Stories

These stories of love and loss have been shared with me since releasing The Art of Trying. And with the permission of these gracious strong women I am now sharing them with you. I know there will be something here that resonates with you. The more we share, the more we can understand and support one another! Thank you so much to each and every one of you for your courage and kindness.

Ashley, Queensland, Australia

Hi Benita,

I got my book today and as much as I have not wanted to put it down life has interrupted me and I am not as far through it as I thought. But it has already got me thinking and remembering and shedding a tear. It is so surreal to read a book published by someone I know and also to know some of the people behind the names in the book.

When I first contacted you through your page you asked me to please share my story too but I didn’t want to straight away as I felt like I didn’t have much to share or my story wasn’t ‘bad’ enough and that I now feel I am one of the lucky ones. However, even though I have only read a short way I already draw so many similarities in our stories.

Mandy, New South Wales, Australia

In my late 20’s, my best friend was married and eagerly wanted to have a family. I didn’t quite understand it at the time, I was busy discovering the world and myself, in a world very far from being settled.

What I really didn’t appreciate was how incredibly hard it was for her over such a long period of time. While I was there for her in whatever way I could, I believed I had failed to really support her because I could not have known the depth of the emotional pain she had endured. Even now, after my own difficulties trying to conceive, a messy miscarriage followed by a cancer scare and anxiety over miscarrying again, I’m not sure I truly knew how she felt. In yet, after reading this book I knew that it was ok. She did not need me to be sad, to be worried for her, she wanted our love and to be ok with not being ok at times.

Hannah, New South Wales, Australia

Hi Benita,

I have just finished reading your book and boy the emotions came flooding back!

We all have our own story... I conceived whilst on the pill with my now 14 year old.

Then I had a laparoscopy to discover severe endo, my 3-4 hour surgery took 7-8 hours, and I was in hospital for three nights... I was riddled. Then all the Clomid treatments, phantom pregnancies, one miscarriage. Then I decided to head to Albury to see IVF specialist Dr Scott Giltrap, my miracle doctor.

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