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Thrive Workshops

Online guided workshops with Benita Bensch to help you THRIVE in 2022.

Personal growth, coaching and connection all in one to help you connect with self and THRIVE in all areas of your life.

It's your time to THRIVE in 2022 with my THRIVE Online Workshop series.

Online Workshops:

Tuesday, 10th May

Who Am I Now? (When Motherhood Changes Everything)

A 75 minute guided online workshop with Benita Bensch

Women go through a specific experience when they become mothers, that changes almost every part of their lives. You’re not imagining it; not only does motherhood change how we spend our days, we literally go through a transition called Matrescence.

While some women will feel they’ve found their calling in motherhood, many of you tell me that you feel like you’ve lost yourself, leaving you grieving the ‘old you’ and questioning ‘who am I now?’

We know so much about child development but somewhere along the line our society forgot about mother development: the inner split, identity shift, and complete transformation of the woman within (and beyond) the role of the mother. 

What’s exciting is that mothering, and being a mother, can be a catalyst for your own personal transformation, growth, liberation, relearning of yourself and the world around you. You can actively take part in creating, embracing and loving the ‘new you’ in motherhood.

This workshop is an introduction to navigating what this all means to you and figuring out who you are now that you are both an incredible woman and a mother.

When: Tuesday 10th May 2022, 12pm – 1:15pm AEST

Where: On Zoom

Price: $155

Places are limited

This ‘Who Am I Now?’ workshop is a dedicated space for you to: 

What you’ll come away with:

This workshop is for you if you:

Tuesday 7th June

Finding a blend in the juggle that supports you to thrive (only you know what’s true for you)

Tuesday 19th July

Creating your best year yet - the second half! (regardless of what’s going on around you)

Tuesday, 20th September

Who are you now, and what’s next? (when motherhood changes everything)

Tuesday 15th November

Finding a blend in the juggle that supports you to thrive (only you know what’s true for you)

For as long as I can remember, my mission has been to help busy mothers connect with self and create a life in which they thrive

To build them up when they feel like they’ve lost their direction, help them embrace all of their possibilities, and cast away any fears when they’ve perpetuated a lesser sense of self.

My vision has, and always will be, to help mothers globally to thrive.

Whether that’s helping women grow in the home, create clarity and confidence in their career, or set personal goals that align with them becoming the best version of themselves - that is what I do on a daily basis with beautiful souls across the country.

...it's been so valuable.

Thank you for having me Benita and it’s been so valuable. I’ve got so much still to learn and so much to recap in what you’ve taught. Thank you for providing me with those resources!


it really hit home...

It really hit home with a few things and go some thoughts, that I think have been lingering at the back of my mind, to forefront and realised they were stronger thoughts than I have given them credit for. 

Workshop attendee

...definitely gets you thinking

I love the questions, definitely gets you thinking, I don’t want another year of ‘going through the motions.’

Workshop attendee

...it really is something special.

I just wanted to say a heartfelt THANK YOU for the gift of Illuminate, and for being in your orbit. I feel so incredibly grateful and I truly love the course you have created. It really is something special.


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