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My new book School Holidays MINDSHIFT

Dear Mums of little people,

Does this sound like you?

You love your kids more than anything but you also love it when you don’t have to do the 24/7 caring and entertaining for weeks on end.

You love the concept of the school holidays but chaos sets in, then the overwhelm, and the reality turns out to be not quite what you imagined. You just want a break!

You want to be proactive to adopt a positive and mindset, and then maintain it to embrace all of the beautiful mess that you know is ahead. 

I have something for you that’s going to make a big difference.

Introducing… my new ‘School Holidays MINDSHIFT’ eBook: Poo-and-all stories from 30 days of the Christmas school holidays with four children five-and-under, during the worst drought in living memory.

School Holidays MINDSHIFT is for the Mums who love their kids and the good bits of the school holidays, BUT don’t quite love the non-stop bedlam that comes with the festive period, and having young children home from school/kindy/preschool/care for weeks. Is this you?

Read for:

  • Strategies to shift from overwhelm to embracing the school holidays at home with little people
  • Daily mental wellbeing strategies
  • Tips for sanity-saving holiday activities with little people
  • Decluttering tips
  • A laugh ?
  • “Oh thank goodness it’s not just me” comfort
  • Lots of talk about poo

The Backstory 

Some mothers live for the school holidays. They count down the days. Others? We want to be those mothers. Shame rises a little to admit that. I certainly want to get to that point, and I’m starting to have glimpses, but I’m not quite there yet, and I definitely wasn’t during the 2019 Christmas school holidays.

My husband Adam and I have four healthy little boys, who I am incredibly grateful for: Bruce, Bronson, Myles, and Lawson. My love for them is indescribable. I love being their Mum I love caring for them and spending time with them. However, there is a BUT.

And that BUT is: I find it very hard work when they are all home, all of the time. The constant noise, mess, and intensity that comes with multiple little ones wears me down and can send me into sensory overload after a while.

So when we arrived home from lovely family Christmas celebrations on the 26th of December 2019, and I should have been relaxed and joyous, I was freaking out. After months of dedicating most of my energy to publishing The Art of Trying, our grain harvest and cattle, pre-Christmas stuff, and dealing with the stress of living through the worst drought in history on our farm, everything around me and within me felt cluttered, chaotic and unloved.

What I realised, feeling paralysed standing in the kitchen drinking a glass of wine or three on that Boxing Day night, was this: it is madness doing the same thing every day and expecting the same result, so it’s time for change. It’s time for action, and embracing this most special season of my life, rather than wishing it away because it feels hard. It is time for a MINDSHIFT.

So, I documented the good, the bad and the ugly from some of the days with our boys during this school holidays period to look back on, to learn from, and to help others. And the School Holidays MINDSHIFT eBook was born, with lots of gorgeous extras.

This 47 page beautifully designed eBook is loaded with:

  • Real, relatable and funny poo-and-all stories and photographs of life in the Bensch household during 30 days of the 2019 School holidays (when the children were aged 5, 3, 3, and 1).
  • A gorgeous printable affirmation to stick on your fridge and use over the holidays.
  • Daily wins, fails and tips!
  • Mindset strategies and habits to support you to move through the holidays with ease.
  • A worksheet to create your own School holidays MINDSHIFT.

Buy before the 15th of December and receive 25% off the full price.

Pre-Sale price up to midnight 14th of December (launch day!) $11.99 AUD

Price from the 15th of December $15.99 AUD


If you shop in the Pre-Sale before the 15th of December, you will go in the draw to win a BONUS 45 minute MINDSHIFT coaching session with Benita Bensch to craft unique and personalised mindset strategies and tools specifically for you. I am giving away three of these one-off BONUS sessions.

I am passionate about authentic conversations around mindset and mental health on the journey to, and through, motherhood. This includes monitoring and managing my own, because my greatest challenge every day is the woman in the mirror.

School Holidays MINDSHIFT is full of juicy goodness that has helped me enormously to make my own shift in mindset from overwhelm toward embracing the school holidays. I am sharing it because I know it will help you too, so do yourself a favour and buy yourself or someone else an early Christmas present!

With love,

Benita x

Helping mums find their spark again is truly one of the greatest things about my job as a motherhood coach.

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