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Transform your decisions and thoughts

become a thriving, empowered version of yourself.

I help busy mothers globally to connect with self and create a life in which they thrive!


You ALWAYS have support.

When you’re on a personal development journey, it is easy to feel alone and overwhelmed. Here, that is exactly what you’re NOT going to feel. With personalised support, prompt responses and easy to connect services within our shared resources and programs, you will get the answers you need – always.


You get actionable strategies.

What you’re looking for is answers, right? Something to make the stress, anxiety and upset go away? My step-by-step personal development coaching ensures that you walk away from this process knowing what you need to do to create positive, lifelong change.


Trust me - I UNDERSTAND.

I know what it is like to have kids crawling over you at all times. To always have cold coffee. To have hanging out the clothes become a military-esque outing. I live it, and breathe it. I have proven solutions that have worked for women Australia-wide – and I can easily deliver them to you too.

I’m Benita Bensch

Amazon bestselling author, national speaker and coach who helps transform the lives of women through easy to implement resources and unique, personalised programs.

I get the challenges of motherhood – I’m a mother to four beautiful boys, and live out the daily highs and lows just like you.

Trust me, I know - these experiences shape us - change us.

After chalking up nearly a decade of experience coaching mothers, I have created a super effective collection of programs and products that challenge you to look inward and cultivate the best version of yourself. Whether you’re looking for a supported learning experience or a positive guide to help you along the way, I’ve got the tools to help you embrace your talents on your motherhood journey.

Why should you choose me?

After helping a vast amount of business owners, couples, individuals and teams to find their true purpose and value Australia-wide, I have gathered the knowledge and skills to help serve you as uniquely and individually as you deserve.

I started my business 14 years ago to create something that I truly loved, and I hand that joy over to you. Along the way, I’ve been able to become an Amazon bestselling author and feature among the 2014 Top 100 Women in Australian Agribusiness, all while managing our agricultural business with my husband (and becoming a mother to four little loves!).

It’s super important to me that I stay up-to-date with my own development, because that’s what I am passing on to you.

I’ve completed multiple personal development programs from the Proctor Gallagher Institute, and am coached and mentored by global mindset coach Karen Brook and Motherhood Studies Sociologist Dr Sophie Brock. I study everyday on the topics of: mindset, wellbeing, matrescence, motherhood, human performance, and the natural laws of the Universe. Along with this, I continue to upgrade my entrepreneurial skills and engage in the Farm Owners Academy Platinum Mastermind program (our farm is important to me and still needs a bit of hustle too!).

My Skills

My skills have also led me to the stage, where I’ve been a speaker and presenter at the Pharmacy Business Network Conference in Canberra, the National Rural Women’s Coalition online, and the Commonwealth Bank of Australia Women in Business High Tea in Gunnedah.

I carry qualifications as:

  • Certified Motherhood Studies Practitioner
  • ICF Accredited Coach
  • Bachelor of Rural Science (University Medal) and a Graduate Diploma in Business Studies (Marketing and Management)


One thing is for sure – I am here for you, from start to finish.

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