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Have you ever wanted something so badly, yet no matter how hard you tried, for a time you couldn’t achieve it?

Do you long for a baby and you’re going through treatment to become pregnant?

Are you having a hard time coping with infertility?

I did too.

The journal that I kept through a challenging infertility journey with my husband Adam was the catalyst for me to write the complete story and share it through my first book The Art of Trying.

The Art of Trying is an intimate, authentic account of my journey to conceive, told over a seven year period. It goes deep into the dark, and the light, of what I experienced and learned – about infertility and treatments, loss, mental health, the strength of mind and body, and relationships – to receive the most precious gifts in life. It includes photographs and original journal entries which provide a snapshot of life through my eyes at the time.

It’s a must read for anyone struggling to fulfil their dreams of starting a family, as well as for the people who are supporting them. Not only does it provide guidance and hope, it offers a true glimpse into all aspects around the challenging journey of infertility. The Art of Trying reminds you that you are not alone.

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Praise for The Art of Trying
Lucy Coffin
Registered Nurse & Fertility Therapist

"Benita relays the all-important narrative of the reality of infertility. It is not simply a physical experience, more something that envelops your entire essence of being. Her raw honesty and gentle advice will undoubtedly bring comfort to many, many women"

Dr. Anna Carswell
GP Obstetrician & Medical Educator

“Benita takes the reader on a reproductive journey. It is an emotional and very open account experienced by many women. As health professionals, we only see a small part of the struggle. I feel privileged to have been on this journey and gained a new found respect and understanding of couples having difficulty conceiving. Well done Benita!”

Susan Hatchett
Artist, Graphic Designer & Mother

“So much more than a book for those trying to conceive!

Anything that wasn’t urgent went out the window for a couple of days because I couldn’t put the book down! The challenges I have faced are very different than Benita’s, but her story is so enlightening and interesting on so many levels – really a book that anyone, male or female, could pick up and get so much from.

So many of us know how it feels when our bodies feel out of control due to a health issue. Or when the plans we have for our life just don’t work out. The Art of Trying is a book about never giving up.

I am so grateful that through Benita’s story I have a greater awareness and sensitivity for those trying to conceive. It is a compelling reminder to always be kind and thoughtful with the topics of fertility, pregnancy and mental health. You really never know what someone may be going through – books like this are vital in starting and continuing dialogue and awareness of the struggles of so many.

A real stand out of this book is the beautiful kindness and love Benita shows her readers as she bravely and generously shares her personal journey in the hope that it will make their path a little easier.”

Dr. Mark Livingstone
Fertility & IVF Specialist

“Benita shares her story in a practical and heartfelt way to help others, and it has given me the opportunity to experience IVF from the other side of the desk."

Mother & Consumer Insights Researcher

“There is more to this book than just one couple’s fascinating conception journey told with genuine warmth, spirit and naked honesty. Benita’s passion and sincerity comes through to the reader; you are there with her – on the tractor, or at the kitchen bench at the farm, as she brings you along to shed light on subjects that are too often kept in the dark. 

Anyone who is struggling, or has struggled, with infertility will find solace and solidarity in this story. Anyone who is supporting someone else’s struggles will benefit enormously from better understanding the raw, complex road that they face. But this book offers more than just insight; it is an enlightening, entertaining and engaging read that dives into a world that looks similar and yet is quite distant from our own.”

Shanna Whan
Rural Personality & Founder of Sober in the Country

''There is no battle more painful, private and lonely than that of the road to conception. Especially when you are isolated either geographically or by the unspeakably cruel circumstances of being 'the only woman left on the shelf' without little people to call your own. As somebody who walked that road and never could have my own family, I cannot stress enough the devastating impact this can have on a woman's mind, body and soul. It can crush you to pieces and leave you wondering if there is anything left to hope for. It strips you to your bare bones and leaves you feeling lost, utterly. Women need to be far better equipped for the challenges of this walk and the potential mental health ramifications that still aren't discussed with enough weight.

I absolutely take my hat off to Benita for tackling this topic, front on.''

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