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“When I receive a glimmer in the afternoons I always think, ‘Gosh I really needed that’

Being a mum is the best thing in the world
It's full on, fun, occasionally sticky, and filled with unpredictable twists and turns. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

But the hours from 3pm to bedtime can feel like being stuck on a rollercoaster – noisy, dizzying and relentless. Nodding your head right now? Yep, so many of us are right there with you. That nighttime homestretch is a lopsided relay race where your teammates are pooped and the baton keeps getting passed to you.

And all those parenting quotes on social media? “Long days, short years” – seriously? They just dial up the mum-guilt and make us second-guess literally everything we’re doing.

We’re all striving to be the most attentive, understanding, and connected parents we can be.

That part goes without saying. But in those early evening hours when you’re juggling dinner and the baby won’t settle or the two year old is yelling at you from the bathroom, or another sibling fight breaks out, it can feel like a lot.


Then there are those rare moments of peace, when it’s quiet enough to hear that little voice inside of you asking, “Is there more?” and just as you ponder what ‘more’ could look like, you’re snapped out of your reverie and back to reality when the baby starts crying again or the toddler turns the wiggles up full volume. And just like that, it’s back to the beautiful chaos we call motherhood.

The trouble with ignoring our inner voice…

Is that every time we do this, we’re sidelining our own wants and needs. Tuning into our inner wisdom isn’t indulgent; it’s essential self-care. Staying present in these moments helps us remember that for our kiddos to truly thrive and be happy, we need to be thriving too.

And sometimes all it takes is a simple “Hey, you’re doing great!” to shift your entire day. A little boost, a sense of connection beyond the daily grind, can lift our spirits and widen our perspective. This is what the Glimmers SMS subscription does. 

Right when you’re knee-deep in the general rowdiness of after school activities and routines, your phone pings with a reminder that you’ve got this, mama!

Glimmers are short text messages from me that include:

  • Virtual high-fives 
  • Powerful pep talks you didn’t know you needed 
  • Daily doses of positive affirmations and uplifting messages
  • Intuitive transmissions from me and simple somatic tools and practices
  • Mindfulness prompts that steer you back to a place where you feel grounded, calm and connected so you can sail smoothly through any storms the evening may bring


Each day at around 5pm AEST, you’ll receive a short, positive and perfectly timed message that many of our subscribers say, “was EXACTLY what I needed to hear”.

Glimmers are designed to help you pause, take a breath, reflect and reset for the next phase of the day…

If that sounds like the kind of support you need in this season of life… 

Glimmers monthly sms subscription can help. 

No lock in contracts, cancel anytime.

I truly believe it takes a village

And in our modern world, we don’t always have the luxury of close family and friends nearby to help out so not everyone has that village. While motherhood is beautiful it can also be lonely, isolating and sometimes just plain boring – especially when the kids are really little. 

That’s why I’ve made it my mission to help you in any of the big and small ways I possibly can to feel supported, held and understood during the harder moments of motherhood. 

The Glimmers monthly sms subscription service is just one small way I can help create your village.

As a member of Glimmers, you’ll receive:

  • Daily dose of good vibes and motherhood support via text messages
  • Weekly audio transmissions with intuitive hits from me
  • The occasional special offer that won’t be shared publicly 

Basically it’s like having me in your back pocket during witching hour, helping you navigate the tricky times, handing you tools to regulate your nervous system and cheering you on as you absolutely nail this mothering thing….

Glimmers is the perfect gift for a new mama!

Gifting someone their first month of the Glimmers subscription is ideal for a baby shower, a new mum, Christmas or birthday. It’s more than a traditional gift, it’s a gesture of genuine care and for just $29, instantly delivers so much comfort. Introduce them to the power of mindful moments in motherhood and let them decide if they want to continue the journey. 

Perfect within your budget, priceless in its impact.

About Benita

As a motherhood coach, certified motherhood studies practitioner, bestselling author, proud Queensland farmer and mum of 4 energetic boys, I couldn’t do all that I do without prioritising mindful moments in my day.

My big vision is supporting women to thrive in motherhood, from the inside out. 

My intention for each Glimmer is to create a small moment in your day that’s just for you, where you can pause, breath, reflect and reset and feel ready to head into the next phase of the day – just an uplifting message or gentle reminder that you are not doing this alone, you are doing great and you’ve got this!

My greatest wish is that, over time, these glimmers will light your path and guide you to feel more confident, grounded and like your old self again on your motherhood journey.

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Glimmers, a mindful moment

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Here’s a recap of what you get:

  • Daily reminders that you’ve got this
  • Weekly transmissions to help keep you grounded
  • My voice of encouragement to keep you going
  • A sense of comfort knowing you’re not alone
  • Micro coaching tips in your back pocket

Glimmers will get you through the day feeling reassured and regulated

The perfect pick me up for mamas who know it’s ok to want *more*

Sometimes a glimmer of light in the darkness is all you need to find your way’

Frequently Asked questions?

As soon as you purchase your Glimmers subscription via the checkout page, you will receive a welcome email from our subscription partners, Hey Daily. This will mark the start of your Glimmers journey (see below for steps on gifting a subscription to a friend). 

Inside the email you will find instructions and a link to access your customer portal where you can make changes to payment details, transfer payment to someone else or cancel.

The best part? Glimmers will start to light up your world every day at 5 pm (you know, when we need it most!) and will continue until you decide to cancel. At that time, you will continue to receive text messages until the end of your billing cycle.

Surprising a beautiful mama friend with a Glimmers subscription is easy – and I guarantee she’ll love it! Just read through the steps carefully and get in touch if you need assistance:

  1. Go to the checkout page and sign up using YOUR credit card details and email but make sure to enter THEIR phone number so they can receive the messages.
  2. You’ll instantly receive a welcome email from our subscription partners, Hey Daily.
  3. This email will contain a link to access the customer portal, follow the prompts.
  4. Once inside the portal, you can easily cancel the subscription (your friend will continue to receive messages until the end of the billing cycle).
  5. If you choose to transfer further payments to a friend, you will need their permission and credit card details so it’s probably easier to cancel at your end and they can start a new subscription following the link on the sales page.

If you need assistance with the sign up or cancellation process, please get in touch.  

Ending your subscription is easy! Just open one of the text messages we’ve sent your way, and look for three little lines in the top right corner – that’s your gateway to subscription management, where you can cancel quickly, no questions asked. For more details, check out the Further Terms and Conditions. We’re here to make sure it’s a smooth journey.

Got any other questions, get in touch!

Sometimes a glimmer of light in the darkness is all you need to find your way

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