For things to change, first must you. If you’re ready for more or better, Mama, find out here how I can help

It’s time to be your own guiding light

North Star Mastermind WITH BENITA BENSCH

A 6 month mentorship for mamas who are ready to make big moves and take the next bold step in their self-illumination journey.

The North Star Mastermind is an intimate group coaching experience for 12 amazing mamas who are ready to go all in on bringing their long held dreams, big vision or new business to life.

This is for the big-dreaming, visionary, creative, seeking, optimistic, kind-hearted mamas, the women who are as focused on their purpose as they are on their precious family.

You’ve started your self exploration journey, either with me inside Illuminate or other self development, and you have a pretty clear idea of where you’re headed, but now you’re craving higher conversations around building your income and your impact in a space where you don’t have to dim to fit in or feel shy to share your big dreams and desires.

You already know you’re more than capable of anything you put your mind to and that big idea, new business or next iteration of yourself feels closer than ever…

But you’re hitting up against some sneaky self doubt and maybe feeling unsure of your next steps or (if you’re really honest) your ability to own the next level for yourself because you’re scared of what it’ll mean for you to actually do what you say you want to do.

You have all the ideas and inspiration but need more support to bring it all together. Your next move is unclear, your lack of flow is frustrating and maybe you’re secretly wondering if this big dream/side hustle/full blown business idea of yours is actually possible.

It’s ok beautiful mama, there’s one thing I know to be true. The vision you hold in your heart is absolutely achievable, you just have to TRUST yourself. I know that might seem easier said than done. And there’s a few other pieces of this puzzle including building more self awareness, learning how to self-coach and actually having the time to reevaluate and refine your vision.

It is possible...

And I’m here to be your guide as you make all that happen.

Through personal growth and deep inner work, your world has opened up and your vision is expanding!

I’m here to hold you to that next version of yourself.

Think of the North Star Mastermind as a 6-month soul dive to bring your big dreams into reality with a close knit group of sisters by your side, cheering you on and keeping each other’s vision clear as you make moves and take powerful, aligned action.

Like the North Star, you are a constant presence in your own journey and that guiding light that lives inside of you is there to guide you home.

But remembering and rekindling that light is one thing, safely and smoothly coming back home to yourself and creating the kind of life you want, while also navigating motherhood, work and life responsibilities, can be another thing entirely

That’s where the power of a mastermind -- and an incredible sisterhood of women who can really see, hear and hold your big vision for you -- is so important to your success.

Something magical happens when like-minded women come together to think, learn, grow and create with one another. Not only do you have a group of individuals who each bring their own set of skills, experiences and brains to the table, you get a whole separate ‘mind’ that’s formed and that is what we know as ‘the mastermind’.

The synergies, energy and results that become available to every member of a mastermind creates even more momentum – I’ve witnessed this phenomenon myself in high level masterminds I’ve been a part of and I tell you, there’s nothing quite like it.

North Star is the only container where you can work with me in this powerful way. It’s not for everyone but for those women who feel the call and will be gathering for this, the experience will be life changing.

If you feel you’re ready for the next part of the journey…

First, watch this:

The North Star Mastermind is

Holistic Affirming Collaborative Expansive Enriching

Through our time together, you’ll learn to:

And I’ll be there to guide and support you every step of the way. This is not an online mum’s chat group where you’ll learn a few self-care or business tips and then be on your way.

The North Star Mastermind is a chance to truly transform and reimagine every aspect of your life.

I work at the intersection of mindset, mental health, wellbeing, matrescence, motherhood, sociology, human performance, psychology and spirituality. I’ll be drawing on principles acquired through my own personal growth journey with high level mentoring and extensive studies in a range of modalities. This is a free-flowing, intimate, container for deeper self-illumination and awareness, integration and embodiment.

It’s the next step for the Illuminate program graduates or any woman who is craving greater personal and professional growth.

We’ll dive into topics like:
Human Design + Astrology
Energetics + Somatics
Finding Your Purpose
Mindset + Mindfulness
Psychological Principles
Nervous System Regulation
Peak Performance
Natural Laws of the Universe