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My backstory & business advice

Last month I attended the AusMumpreneur Conference and Awards night in Sydney, which was a blast! It was uplifting, inspiring and a great opportunity to pause and celebrate – my business, as well as other incredible Mums in business! Although I wasn’t a winner, it was an honour to be a finalist in the AusMumpreneur Women’s Champion and People’s Choice Health & Wellbeing award categories. The Women’s Champion category acknowledges women who are championing other women through empowerment, employment or leadership. I love a good backstory and learning about how others got to where they are now, so I’m thinking maybe you do too.

Today I’m sharing a selection of my AusMumpreneur award application responses in the hope that something here may support you to start or keep pursuing what it is that lights you up! 1. What inspired you to start your business? Four years into motherhood I had everything I thought I wanted and had been through so much to get there, yet still didn’t feel satisfied. I was anxious, stale, angry, resentful, frustrated, lacking in self-confidence and identity. I felt lost, and guilty and confused as to why. I had been in survival mode, looking after everyone else, not investing in myself or utilising my unique gifts.

Everything changed when I made the decision to re-invest in working with a coach, and began writing my book. Connecting with aspiring mothers and mothers through The Art of Trying, and exploring my motherhood challenges sparked a deep curiosity and compassion about the impact of motherhood, asking, ‘Why do so many mothers end up anxious and wondering who they are in motherhood?’ As an established coach and entrepreneur pre-children, over time there was a natural continuation to reignite my coaching career in this space.

1. What makes your business special or unique? My uniqueness is me – my own motherhood story, my energy, my intuition, the combined training and experiences I bring to coaching, and what I’ve invested in myself to get to this point. There are plenty of coaches for women but few that focus on the motherhood journey, particularly in rural Australia, where a large cohort of my clientele reside. I bring a rare combination of practical, achievable strategies and potent, intuitive guidance to help busy mums be more present, find their purpose and reach their full potential. My secret lies in my ability to create safe spaces and forge real connections with every mother I encounter, regardless of age or stage. Through heartfelt empathy, born out of my own trials, traumas and travels through motherhood as well as being a certified motherhood coach, I’ve created programs and private coaching containers where mums feel seen, heard and deeply understood.

2. What has been your greatest challenge & how have you addressed this? The greatest challenge for me has been blending the various elements of my life in a way that’s sustainable and supports my own wellbeing. Spreading myself between family; mothering; the upkeep of our home; community commitments; my business aspirations; running a farm and our farming business with my husband and family; plus being a member of various mastermind groups and mentoring programs. I have overcome this by: Seeking additional support with our children and in the domestic sphere. Hiring more virtual support for finance, administration and marketing. Continuing to do the inner work that enables me to make the shifts I want to make, and focus on more of what I love, with more ease. Letting go of some roles and responsibilities. Becoming better at communicating my boundaries and priorities. Improving my organisation and scheduling to better accommodate the various parts of my life. Focusing on what’s important.

3. What is the greatest lesson that being in business has taught you? You need true grit! Ultimately, grit is the backbone of success in business. It fuels passion, perseverance, and resilience, allowing entrepreneurs and leaders to overcome challenges, embrace change, and reach new heights. Cultivating it within myself and our team, for it is the driving force that propels businesses towards greatness.

4. What advice would you give to someone thinking about starting a business for the first time? Invest in mentors and coaches from the beginning. It’s inevitable that the going will get tough at some point and it’s imperative that you have support around you and someone that can set you on the best trajectory for your business. Remember though that not every business coach has the right answers for your specific business – they are only ever coming at it from their perspective. Do the inner work to know what’s true for your heart, for your energy type and what’s sustainable for you and your particular circumstances. Believe in yourself!

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